The Story Behind the Name

Love Fiercely, Live Bravely.

You may be wondering where I came up with this name, so I thought I’d share the story.

Since relatively early in college I’ve had a slight obsession with Brene Brown. In 2017 I read both her book on courage and her book Braving the Wilderness. These books really inspired the live bravely part of my title. Brown encourages people to dig into the messy bits of life, the emotions, the hard stuff. She encourages her readers to speak up even when it’s hard or scary. She teaches tools to dig into the whys and the what ifs.

I think a lot of our culture’s mindset is “get through, and get to the top”. But it isn’t that top job that’s going to bring you joy. We don’t stop to experience the life around us. Brown’s teachings are to go against this cultural disposition and choose to live a brave, vulnerable life – asking why.


Love fiercely comes from a book a co-worker recommended to me – Fiercehearted by Holly Gerth. Fiercehearted also talks about this concept of living a brave life, a messy life. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a bit of theme in my take on life.

Life is messy. We’re all human. We’re all broken. We’re all going to hurt each other in some way or another because none of us are perfect. But we can choose to embrace the mess, to ask why, to ask what we can do better next time, to apologize, to forgive.

Which is where love fiercely comes from. I don’t want to be afraid to love. I don’t want to be afraid to show I care. I don’t want to be afraid to let myself be loved.

The other week at work I was feeling pretty rough. I was tired (it was my first night back), I didn’t really feel all that great (like I might have been getting a cold), and I was feeling super anxious about a particular personal situation. Usually at work I’m rather perky and friendly. I greet my coworkers, and am overall relatively bubbly. That night multiple people asked me if I was okay. At first I thought it was sweet – and wow, people actually care enough to ask, what a gift. But after 20 people over 3 days asked me if I was okay I was little over it…

But that’s what loving fiercely, and living bravely is all about. It’s asking someone if they’re okay, especially if they’re off base from their normal. It’s actually caring about what’s going on or why they might be upset. It’s taking the time to listen, just to listen, not listening to respond. It’s caring enough to reach out.

I once had a friend make a bold statement – so what if I love too much?

This has since been a phrase I often ask. So what if I love too much? Is there really a such thing as loving too much. If I loved well in my time on this earth then I lived my life well.

I picked this title for my blog because it’s exactly how I want to live my life.

Let’s live a full life, an abundant life. Let’s love fiercely, whole-heartedly, unreservedly.  Let’s be brave and be real + honest with one another.  

love fiercely, live bravely. 

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