Lent is Coming

Brace yourselves, lent is coming.


In two days.


The question we all have as lent approached, what do I do? What do I give up?

I know a lot of people who gave up candy for lent every year because that’s what they were told to do or how they were taught. It definitely how lent was initially presented to me. Throughout the years I’ve learned that lent is a lot more than just giving something up. It’s making more room in your life for God.


There are three pillars to lent – prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Below I’m going to give some of my favorite suggestions for each.



I bought the Blessed is She lent journal (found here), and my spiritual add for lent will be working my way through this specific lent journal. Here are some other suggestions:

  • Daily mass once a week (or more)
  • Daily decade of the rosary (or the whole thing if you already do a decade)
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Litany of Trust (found here).
  • Litany of Humility (found here).
  • Read the daily gospel (or daily readings)
  • Read the Sunday gospel every day leading up to Sunday (I did this one year it was really powerful)
  • Intercede for a particular person
  • Weekly holy hour
  • Weekly confession



  • Sweets (cliche, I know, but if you eat a lot of sweets it’s a good one)
  • Coffee creamer (drink only black coffee)
  • Whole 30/Keto diet – I know a lot of people who did this, and found it to be a fruitful lenten fast.
  • Social media – you could do it completely or if you use groups for work or something then maybe delete the apps off your phone and have to get on a computer to check social media, being more intentional about your use
  • Snoozing
  • Make-up (embrace the natural beauty God gave you)
  • Heat styling hair
  • Radio in the car
  • netflix/tv


  • Volunteer somewhere that you’re passionate
  • Donate money to an organization
  • Actually give to the collection at church
  • Set aside time each week to intentionally meet with a friend (giving your time)


These are just a few suggestions as we’re less than 48 hours out from Ash Wednesday. A lot of these are things I’ve done over various years and have found them to be fruitful. My suggestion going into lent is to keep it simple. If you’re not praying at all right now committing to a lot is going to be overwhelming. I recommend assessing where you’re at spiritually and make your decisions from there. Remember this is a time for you to make more room for the Lord in your life.

As someone who has struggled quite a bit spiritually over the last year I’m keeping things pretty simple. For prayer I’ll be working through the Blessed is She Lent Journal, probably giving up wearing make-up and probably drinking only black coffee. As for almsgiving, decision is to be determined.

Here’s to a blessed lent, growing closer to the Lord, by choosing Him more and ourselves less.

“From dust we are made and to dust we shall return”

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