Stitch Fix: The Scoop

About a year ago I started using Stitch Fix. People ask me all the time about it. I figure what better way to share about than to write a blog post on it.

First of all, most of my favorite pieces of clothing now have come from them.


Here’s how it works:

When you sign up you create a style profile. You pick clothes that suit your style. You fill out questionnaires on what you like to wear, what you like to show off, etc. You pick price ranges for your different items. Then you schedule a box.

I highly recommend utilizing pinterest. I created a style board that I shared in my profile so the different stylists can see it. Often times they send me something I pinned or something similar.

Each fix contains 5 items. What those items consist of really depends on your set preferences. It’s then shipped to your home where you get to try on these items. If something doesn’t fit and you want a size larger/smaller or you don’t love some of your items, there’s options to exchange and return. They provide you with a bag that is pre-stamped so you just put the items in the bag, seal it and drop it off at the post office. If you exchange an item it comes in a couple of days. If you love all 5 of your items (which I usually do) then you get a discount on your items.

“How much does a box cost?”

That depends on your price settings. My clothing and shoes are marked in the 50-100 dollar range. My accessories are marked “cheaper is better”. With that, most of my fixes cost me around $250.

You do not have to get a box each month! You have several frequency options, but really you control when your boxes come. I usually get one at least once a season, sometimes more depending on my closet needs and my budget for the month.


Here are some pictures of some of my favorite items!


A lot of these are items I honestly wouldn’t have picked out for myself because whenever I go shopping I get overwhelmed and would just end up getting another pair of leggings and some sort of sweatshirt. I love that my fix is delivered to my door and I have my whole closet at my fingertips as I try on clothes. It takes away the actual shopping part of shopping and I love that! If you want to try stitchfix follow this link.


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