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If you ended up at this page you know you’re interested in oils and want to get started! I am so excited for you to start this part of not only your health journey, but your life’s journey.

When you buy oils through doTERRa you have a few options.

You can simply shop and buy oils that you know you want (this is the most expensive way to buy oils)


You can become a wholesale member for the year. There are two way you can do this. One is purchase an enrollment kit, which includes the $35 for the year-long membership.


You can purchase a membership for $35 and build your own kit picking your oils.


If you are brand new to oils I highly recommend buying one of the enrollment kits. That’s how I got started and it gave me oils I definitely would not have purchased if I’d made my own kit.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.04.27 AM

I started with the Family Essentials Kit. This kit cost $150.00 as a wholesale member (compared to the $200.00 retail price). I chose this kit because it had a good number of oils so I wasn’t overwhelmed, and was a price I was willing to pay. I purchased a few other items, which I will be more than willing to help you determine what would be for you as you get started.


Family Essentials Kit includes:

5mL of peppermint, lavender, lemon, oregano, frankincense, melalueca (also known as tea tree oil), on guard, breathe, digestzen, and deep blue

Peppermint and On Guard beadlets


A few my favorite uses from this kit:

I use peppermint for my headaches, and I love to put a drop in my tea.

I put lavender, frankincense, and melalueca in my face wash

I rub breathe on my chest with some coconut oil when I feel congested. It’s also great to drop a few drops in the shower. Or diffuse with lavender at night.

Deep blue is amazing for sore and achy muscles. I often rub it on my neck and shoulders.

Digestzen has come in handy when I’m bloated and gassy. I put a drop in a small glass of water and drink it like a shot (I don’t care for the taste but it really helps calm an upset tummy).

I love to put a drop or 2 of lemon in my water.

I also made a cleaner with lemon and melalueca. Smells amazing and is totally non-toxic.


For all enrollment kit options click here.

If you’d like to be in my facebook group for oil education and link to my other social media platforms where I share my day-to-day oil uses please ask!


Click this link https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/lovefiercely


Once page opens click “Join and Save”
(it’s the second tab)

From there, you’ll be at a page with a chart comparison….scroll down and hit:

“Join DoTERRA”

Then it’ll promo to English and United States…hit continue

At that point, you will choose “Wholesale Customer” or “Wellness Advocate”

(Wellness Advocates actively sell doTERRA and make commission. Wholesale Customers don’t sell, but reap the discounts and perks that Wellness Advocates get as well. Wellness Advocate was created for people who want to educate and share their passion of oils and make a commission in doing so…..you can move from Wholesale Customer to Wellness Advocate at any time! If you have any more questions on that, let me know)

PLEASE ENTER MY ID NUMBER AND NOT MY NAME! 5653244 leave the name blank, and keep the ID number, just like below:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.24.38 AM

When you fill out your info, it’ll take you to the purchase page. Pick your enrollment kit of choice. If you are unsure what kit you want please please please ask me and we can talk about what is the best choice for you. (it is literally my job to help you)

Select: Economy Shipping

Then click “Process Order Now and Continue”

Please contact me once you have enrolled! I will add you to my Facebook group and ensure you have links to my blog and other social media platforms where I share my day-to-day oil use.


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