Self-Care Saturday: Diffuser Blends

Ahh my favorite post of the week! Self-care Saturday! This week I thought it would be great to share my favorite diffuser blends. I’m often scrolling pinterest, saving different blends and often I’ll try those and tweak them, but I’ve also created some of my own diffused blends.

Morning Blends:


Peppermint + Citrus

Citrus oil choices – grapefruit, wild orange, lemon.
I honestly mix peppermint with all 3 of the citrus oils and it smells amazing. Or I’ll do peppermint and wild orange. The mix of citrus and mint really wakes up the mind and the senses and starts your day with a fresh and renewed mind.

Motivate + Peppermint

This is a favorite to diffuse when I’m getting ready for, especially as I get to an end of a stretch of work days to motivate me to get ready for work. It’s uplifting, invigorating, motivating.


Afternoon Blends


I love diffusing passion on the afternoons that I’m working. I was able to stay focused and motivated. I felt my passion about oils staying strong while I recorded my first class.

img_0032Grounding Blend

3 drops each of Balance, Peace, Breathe.
This blend was very soothing and calming. It’s great for a quiet afternoon in with a book, taking life easy and taking time to destress and decompress.


I love this for a good afternoon pick-me-up. You’re starting to hit the afternoon slump, your energy is decreasing and you’re starting to feel the afternoon grump coming on, put a few drops of cheer in your diffuser and maybe combine with motivate or peppermint and it will perk you right up

Bedtime Blends


Just straight up lavender all by itself is amazing. It smells good and definitely soothes the soul.

Lavender + Frankincense + Cedarwood

3 drops of each. Let’s just say I call this liquid sleep.

Balance (feel free to add Lavender)

Balance is perfect especially if you have had a stressful, anxiety inducing day, it’s a great way to unwind and destress. The woodsy aroma makes you feel like you’re in the woods getting lost in nature even when you’re stuck in the city.


Peace is great by itself or with some lavender as well (can you tell I love lavender for sleep?) It’s another one of those calming blends to help put you right to sleep. I like diffusing it by itself while I do my evening routine.

Lavender + Breathe

img_0030This is great if you’re exhausted and starting to feel a little congested whether it’s allergies or a cold or sinus pressure related to crazy weather this combo is great to create a calm environment and help support your respiratory system.

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