Let It Be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
whisper words of wisdom
let it be

Today at the end of yoga, when I was lying in savasana these lyrics popped into my head.  It made me think of 2 things, one being a conversation I had with a coworker the other night of the importance of peace and two being the way I really choose to live my own life.

Through a lot of college I lived my life in constant noise. I struggled to sit in silence. If I was reading a book, there would be music playing in the background. I always played music in the car. If there was silence I would start talking to fill the silence. I was anxious. Maybe not externally, but internally I felt anxious all the time. I was always striving to please the people around me, at the sake of my own well-being. I started cultivating peace in my life and learning to say no when necessary. It took having a migraine for 6 mos for me to even start making room for peace, and taking time for myself.

Now, the other night I had a really good conversation with one of my coworkers. He has about 20 or so years on me in life and work experience. But he spoke something that struck to the core of how I strive to live my life. He said “the most important thing I’ve learned is to have peace in my life.”

Yes. 100 times over yes. We need peace in our lives.

In a world of constantly striving to be the best, at putting our own health and well-being aside for the sake of making it to the top, we’re missing out on true beauty in life. We’re running ourselves ragged. Living at stress levels that put our life at risk. Because we live in a culture that lacks peace, that lacks silence, that lacks taking time to just be. Be with yourself. Be with those you love.

Over the last 5 years I’ve learned to love silence. I first had to get used to it because with my migraine noise was nauseating, literally. So I quickly learned to not only embrace, but seek out silence. Now I prefer to read my books in silence, and music might actually distract me from what I’m reading. I find television running in the background extremely irritating because I think it takes away from people being present to each other.

Some of my favorite memories with my boyfriend have been when we’re just together. Whether we’re walking through the woods together, just holding hands, or lying on the couch reading our books together, or running errands. We didn’t have to be having a conversation. I just like being with him. Especially since long distance means our time together is even more precious.

If we could make a cultural shift where we learned to be a lot more and do a lot less I think we would be happier and healthier people.

How are you going to be more this week?

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