Self Care Saturday: Roller Ball Blends

Hello All, and welcome back to self-care Saturday. Sorry I failed to post last Saturday, that night shift life kills you sometimes (read: I’m human).

Anywho, I thought this week we would do roller ball blends with essential oils as our self care post. I love incorporating oils into my care. I love the way they smell. I also love the ability to be creative and make my own products and things based on the properties of the oils. These oil blends could also be used in a diffuser for the same problems.

One of the ways you can use essential oils is to apply them topically. It is always best to dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil. The carrier oil helps the skin better absorb the essential oil, but it also prevents skin irritation, as the purity of the oils makes them more potent.

Supplies Needed:


Carrier oil


Essential oils of choice


Roller ball bottles (these are the ones I use


Lavender Roller Ball: 

10 drops of lavender, fill rest of bottle with fractionated coconut oil (or jojoba, avocado, or almond oil).
-rub on feet before bed to help you sleep. I like to give myself a mini foot massage after rubbing my lavender oil over the bottoms of my feet.
-apply to burns and cuts as lavender helps sooth the skin and heal burns and cuts.

Balance Roller Ball: doterra-balance-15ml

10 drops balance, fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil.

It’s no secret I love balance. I usually carry this one in my scrubs pocket at work. When I start to get overwhelmed or am feeling anxious or upset about a tough situation with a patient I love to roll balance on my wrists and back of my neck. It helps bring me down and settle my emotions to finish out my shift feeling less defeated.

Headache Roller Ball: 

This sucker is the bees knees for headaches.

10 drops of each oil: lavender, frankincense, peppermint, eucaylptus, fill bottle the rest of the way with carrier oil
This is my personal recipe, tweaked from ones I read online and my known love for bath and body work stress relief products for my migraines.

I used this roller ball at work the other night. I started getting a headache, rolled this on my temples (careful to avoid my eyes), and behind my ears and started to feel relief. I drank some water and took ibuprofen as well, but the essential oils were able to give me some relief while I waited for my medicine to kick in and knock my headache the rest of the way out.

Breathe Roller Ball: 

doterra-touch-breathe-10mlThis great for respiratory issues. I ran in the cold the other week and my lungs got all kinds of angry at me. After I showered I rubbed breathe on my chest and my lungs calmed down and weren’t trying to cough up a lung anymore! Over the last couple days I’ve been having sinus/allergy issues, I rubbed this oil on my chest and sinuses to help keep those airways open, and it’s truly amazing the difference this oil has made in supporting my respiratory system.


Melalueca Roller Ball: 

Again, the same ration 10 drops of oil, fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil.
I did not make my melalueca oil roller ball. It was the product of the month in February so I got it for free with my monthly doTERRA order, and I’m so glad I did! I use this as part of my skin care routine. I have the same general spot that I can zits in, so I just use my melalueca roller ball on those areas when zits are starting to show up and it clears them right up! You can also use this on your feet if you get fungus. I

A lot of these can be bought through doTERRA – like the breathe and lavender roller balls you can absolutely buy through the company. But maybe you have an allergy to coconut and need to use a different carrier oil. Or maybe, like me, creating products with your oils is a creative outlet and you prefer to DIY. I just wanted to make it known that doTERRA does sell oil roller balls as well.

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