Self Care Saturday: Ideas

As a young, unmarried woman, with minimal responsibilities, it’s easy for me to make time for self care. Over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple people tell me they’re in survival mode and self care has completely gone out the window because they just simply don’t have time for it. They feel like they’re either drowning or barely keeping their head above water.

Self care looks different for different people across different states of life. This week I wanted to share some ideas for self-care that might look a little different than the classic bath that I often refer to. I have found that baths help me relax and give me that time to myself that I personally need.


So alas, here are some warm weather friendly, versatile ideas for self care.


pexels-photo-935874.jpegGet Creative —  color, draw, paint, write, sing, play an instrument

Say you’re a mom, have craft time with your kids and when they’re coloring, color with them.

Maybe you’re a student, we all know there’s time to kill between classes. You can get mini adult coloring kits. They fit perfectly in your book bag, get yourself one of those and take 5-10 mins to color a bit before class starts or before studying.

If you’re like me or even just married and don’t have children yet sign up to take a class with whatever creative outlet you prefer. Join the choir at church. Take a dance class. You never know what you might learn or discover you love.


asp_int_sub-img_parks_davidsonvilleGet Outside — Nature is therapeutic. And it’s so easy. I grew up on 10 acres and could literally walk in my back yard and be by a pond and in the woods. When I was a kid and would get overwhelmed I would go get lost in the woods. There’s so much beauty in nature and in the world around us. It’s good for our body and for our minds.

Go for a walk in your neighborhood.

Explore a new park

Take a bike ride

Play tag with your kids


Lastly, a plug for some of the more classic, well known self care

  • Turn off your phone, light a candle and take a bath with a face mask and a book or movie
  • Watch a guilty pleasure movie or tv show
  • Cook your favorite meal
  • Buy the good glass of wine and enjoy it, my favorite is Dreaming Tree Cabernet Sauvignon.
    Pouring red wine

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