May Challenge

Last week I was listening to Dr Mariza’s podcast, you can find it on itunes. The episode I was listening to talked about the importance of routine. Over the last year-ish I’ve struggled to have a routine. I used to have a morning routine where I’d wake up make my coffee and sit down in my chair with my journal, but I’ve gotten away from that. I blame night shift. But I think that’s because I like to have an excuse.

Anywho, after listening to this podcast, I was convinced that I need to get myself into a better routine than what I’m currently in. I miss my mornings with my coffee and my journal. I miss that quiet half hour that I took to myself. So I decided that May 1 will be a perfect time to start. Now, you can start tomorrow if you know there’s something you want to do. But I thought May 1 was a good starting date because I like new months for new beginnings and I like the idea of having time to prepare.

I invite you to join me in a challenge for the month of May to do 1 thing to better care for yourself. Just one thing you’re going to do each day.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to do a Whole 30, use this next week to prepare and do it in May. nntwivox

Maybe you’ve been wanting to drink more water. Buy a cute water bottle and set a goal to drink 2 bottles a day (or whatever you think is good for you). Start keeping track how much water you drink. I use my FitBit app and set a water goal and use the app to track my water intake. It’s really helpful.

Maybe you’ve been thinking you need to give up alcohol for a month. Do it.

If your finances and spending are a mess, use the month of May to set a budget and try really hard to stick to it.

10-best-essential-oils-to-beat-stress-and-anxiety-1-1024x683Perhaps you’ve been wanting to transition to a more natural lifestyle, and incorporate essential oils into your life. Comment on this post, and I will help you get started with oils.

These are just a few ideas of things I’ve thought of, done, or know people who have done it.

The last day of May is a week from now, so I encourage you to use the next week to think of something you’d like to change and some way you would like to grow over the next month. Comment what you’re going to do!

I’m going to work on establishing a morning routine.

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