Self Care Saturday: Caring for the Funk

Monday I woke up miserable. My throat was so sore it woke me up. This is the tell tale sign for a cold for me. My throat was so sore it was painful to talk. So this week was focused on taking care of my body on a physical level. It also lead to some time for reflection, which I shared in a post on Tuesday.

Between my May goals, and knowing I needed to get back into exercising and feeling terrible, this week was the perfect opportunity to focus on me.


How I Used to Oils Support Me

img_0257I diffused breathe and On Guard all week, at least once a day. These oils helped to purify the air, in hopes I wouldn’t share my germs with my roommate. They also support my immune system and my respiratory system.

I rubbed diluted breathe on my chest.

I dropped a few drops of breathe at the end of my shower. At the end of each shower I try to take a few minutes to just be still and breathe in the steam of the shower to cleanse my mind and body to start my day off. So I dropped a few drops of breathe for those moments of stillness.

I also put breathe on the bottoms of my feet.

I took 2 of my On Guard beadlets, again for immune support.

I’m a huge fan of the netti pot. I added a drop of melaleuca to my netti pot each time I used it. This helps clean out the snot and kill the germs trying to set up camp in my nose.

During my sleep I diffused eucalyptus and lavender. I almost always diffuse lavender at bed time. Eucalyptus is another oil that is great for support the respiratory system and helps open up airways.

The mornings that I woke up with clogged ears I used my melaleuca roller ball and put melaleuca behind and in front of my ears.

I think that’s all for essential oil support.


lifelong-vitality-bottlesAnother doTERRA product I started using approximately 2 weeks ago is there lifelong vitality pack. I read some testimonies, and talked to some people who take this supplement. I was quickly convinced that it was worth trying at least once. People reported uplifted moods and increased energy. I don’t know that I’d say I’ve particularly noticed either of those. But I can tell you that I did not feel achey or run down from cold in the same way that I normally do. (you can learn more about lifelong vitality here)


How I Used Exercise to Support Me

Sweat it out, that’s a thing right?

Sweat out germs, sweat out stress, sweat out anxieties. Sweat. It. Out.

Tuesday, my throat was still sore, but I thought going to my bikram hot yoga class seemed like a good idea. I definitely wasn’t feeling the greatest. But I thought well, maybe the sweat and heat will be good for me. And throughout the class the instructors often make comments about how this pose is good for your immune system. Well, class was definitely harder than normal, and I had to take more breaks than normal. But afterwards I felt like a million bucks. And I went back again on Wednesday because I’d felt so good afterwards on Tuesday. Wednesday was also rough. And afterwards my nose turned into a faucet and I couldn’t stop sneezing. But I like to think that was my cold working its way out of my body.

A pretty tree from my walk

In addition to yoga I took little walks. Nothing crazy. Just something to get my body moving and blood flowing. Trying to carry on as normal as possible, and I just made sure I had tissues on hand when my nose turned into a snot faucet.

How I Used Food to Support Me

Alright, so I feel terrible. Usually the temptation when that is the case is to order enough take out that you can eat leftovers. Lucky for me, on Sunday I made BBQ chicken in the crockpot (it was delicious and totally hit the spot with the spring weather this week!) I made white rice to go with it and bought some broccoli to steam up and eat with it as well. I made a point to make my veggies scramble and eggs for breakfast. I made some smoothies with strawberries and spinach and orange juice. And I drank my water. The days I felt the best were the days I was hydrating my body.


So that’s it. I made myself a priority this week. I slept. I took some nyquil. I took some dayquil. I used my essential oils to naturally support me and work with the needs of my body. And I moved my body. I did things to treat my body like the temple that it is.

When you get colds (also known as the funk), how do you take care of yourself and manage your symptoms?


***If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and bringing them into your life comment below “I’m interested” and we can chat!****

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