Style Me Pretty: StitchFix

Alright, y’all might or might not know that I LOVE StitchFix. I tried StitchFix a little over a year ago. I wanted clothes that fit, were nice, and weren’t leggings, t-shirts, and oversized sweatshirts. Can you say #basiccollegewardrobe? Mind you, I didn’t realize how much my body would change over this last year, so it has been hard to part with some of my favorite pieces because well I really loved them but they just don’t fit. It’s a good problem to have, but frustrating nonetheless.

That being said, I got my most recent StitchFix at the beginning of the month and I wanted to share my items. I’m super excited about all of them! I just love the stylist who styled me this month. She did such a great job! I got mostly dresses which a few years ago I would have not loved that but I find myself loving dresses more and more so I was super excited about all of them.

First things first this floral dress – it’s so cute! I love the pattern. It can easily be dressed up for a wedding or dressed down for casual outings. I received a similar one this time last year and I loved it for the versatility of it.

Next up is this lacy navy dress. I feel like every girl needs a dress like this. It’s super classy. It can easily be made more formal or professional. I had a similar dress that I actually wore as a bridesmaid dress a few years ago and it really doesn’t fit anymore so I was really excited to get this because I was still holding onto that old dress that was too big. And this is just such a staple dress that can be worn for any season and seasonally adjusted with accessories.

My FAVORITE dress that I got is this purple one. I’m a neutral and pastel colors kinda girl. The majority of my wardrobe is navy, black, white, and gray, with some soft pinks and greens thrown in. However, I have been wanting to add more color to wardrobe but I always gravitate towards the same things when I’m shopping. Which I love this company so much because they send me stuff I wouldn’t necessarily pick off a rack but I always end up LOVING it. My favorite part of this dress is the sleeves. They are more open, I don’t really know the best way to describe them but they’re nice and airy and absolutely wearable through summer. Which I love that I can have sleeves through warm summer months.

Next up are my jean shorts. I’ve honestly avoided shorts for years. I became a big fan of jeans with sleeveless shirts and sandals. But I actually feel really comfortable and confidant in these shorts. They’re really comfortable. They’re a length that I find comfortable. And I mean they’re jean shorts. I think everyone needs a pair of jean shorts for summer.

And last but not least the purse. I love my big purses. I have several of them. And I love that I can fit my planner, my color coded pen bag, my journal, 2 books and a wallet in most of these bags. However, when I’m running errands and shopping or traveling, something smaller would be really nice. I’d been looking at smaller handbags for weeks so I was so excited to see this one in my fix. And it’s a neutral, which I really love neutral purses because I really don’t flip my purses around a lot. I used to run errands the week I got it and took to a wedding last weekend and it was so nice to have something small light to carry my wallet, phone and keys.img_0287

Alright friends, that’s all I’ve got for you today. If you’d like to get started with your first fix follow this link:


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