Self-Care Saturday: Shopping

IMG_0297Believe it or not, shopping is a part of self-care. Owning clothes that fit your body and your lifestyle is a part of self-care.

Over the last year, I’ve lost 20 lbs. It was a slow gradual process and came as a result of taking care of myself. However, I’ve been running into the issue of my clothes not fitting. I didn’t really want to spend money on new clothes. But I hated when I had to do anything that required me to wear anything other than scrubs or leggings because my clothes were hanging off of me. I was constantly pulling my pants up. It was annoying having clothes that didn’t fit.

That being said I finally bit the bullet and went shopping back in March/April and bought several items that fit. It has been so much more fun getting dressed and feeling pretty again.

Last week I went shopping with my best friend. She’s pregnant with her second. With her first pregnancy, she made a lot of what she had work. We went shopping once, after much coaxing she bought some clothes that actually fit and enjoyed the rest of her pregnancy. This time around though she has a lot more going on, and has to wear more professional clothes.

It was really beautiful to watch her try on clothes and walk away with a wardrobe conducive to her state of life that made her feel beautiful.

img_0356When we have a wardrobe that fits our bodies it increases our confidence. Investing in a quality wardrobe that fits you appropriately and suits your lifestyle influences your perception of yourself. It says I care about myself. It says I matter. It says I see my worth and my value, and I honor my body by the way I treat it.

Treat yourself to a wardrobe that fits your body and your lifestyle, the money is worth it.

Happy Saturday friends. Rest easy this weekend.

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