We Remember Those We Lost

I think on Memorial Day, it’s easy to overlook the honoring of the men and women who went to war and never got to come home. We remember them, but we also are inclined to thank the veterans – the men and women who made it home, even if their not the same person they were before the war they were in. We want to thank the men and women who currently serve because we see the sacrifice we make. But today is specifically to honor the men and women who died serving our country, those who never got to come home.

As I’ve been thinking about this day over the last few days, I found myself thinking of the mothers who never got to hug their sons again. I think about the women going through pregnancy, labor, and birth alone because their husband is deployed. I think about the kids who never got to meet their dad. I think about the mother and the fathers who don’t get to see their son or daughter. I think about the men and women currently enlisted who don’t get to go home for holidays all the time. I think about the sacrifices they make. I think about the veterans who suffer from mental and physical illness due to war.

I don’t think the only way to lose someone is for them to die. War, from what I’ve told, can change a person. The person you once were is lost. But you still have the chance, and the choice to live. Whereas the men and women we honor today never got that choice.

I hope today you drank a beer in honor of the lives that were lost. I hope you remember how lucky and blessed you are to have your loved ones with you. I hope you celebrated the life that was lived by the people who died. I hope you remember that our freedom is bought at a cost and that the cost of that freedom is a thankless job.


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