Calling All Nurses

Recently I have found myself reflecting on why I started this blog and thinking about how I want to see this grow. I started all of this because I wanted and still want to see nurses supported. I want to see nurses who are taking care of themselves, living whole lives, and living a life of wellness. I believe that we need to be taking care of ourselves so we can best care for our patients.

I’ve shared my story on here before, it took me working myself in school to the point that I got a migraine that lasted for 6 mos. I had to take a semester off of school and I had to persevere a lot through school. Healing from that migraine, that period in my life, I learned the importance of self-care and I learned how to take care of myself. When I got back into nursing and clinical I did what I could to implement what I had learned in the acute time of healing, but it was really when I got out of nursing school and started working full time that I was able to really put myself first.

My goal for the year of 2017 was to get to know myself more and to make myself a priority. I think back to different times in my life with major changes and I see myself making choices because people were pleased with me, and were excited to see me, so I kept showing up. I showed up at the places where I felt loved and spent time with people who made me feel wanted. In that time I kinda lost who I was. Last year was a year of re-discovering myself and figuring out what it is that makes me happy, brings me joy, and makes me — me.

28468276_1845016428905398_5888279721422898252_nThat being said, one thing has consistently stayed the same, my firm belief that it is vitally important for nurses to take care of themselves. If we are not adequately taking care of ourselves, we cannot take care of our patients as well as we could.

In the short year and a half that I’ve been a nurse, I’ve heard countless nurses talk about how they wish they could lose weight, how their job stresses them out, how they feel tired all the time, who go hide in the bathroom to cry because they get so overwhelmed, who hold their pee to the point they give themselves urinary tract and kidney infections. I see the flip side too. I see nurses who are whole and well. I see nurses who take their days off and use them to care for themselves physically, mentally, emotionally.

My dream is to see nurses supported. I want to see nurses who have resources to help take care of themselves. I want to see nurses who have healthy ways to manage their stress, at work and at home. I want to see nurses who help each other out, who lend a listening ear, who take care of each other while we take care of other people.

IMG_0324I am a nurse, so I understand the world of nursing. I know this is needed in all career fields. I know women especially struggle with taking care of themselves because we get too busy taking care of everybody else. Whether you’re a nurse, teacher, mother, business, or other, you matter, you are important, and you cannot adequately take care of others if you are not properly taking care of yourself.

That being said, I want to hear from you – my readers.

What would you find helpful to support you physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?

How can you be more supported in your workplace?

How can you be more supported in your home?

Are you overwhelmed when you think about all the ways you need to change and you don’t know where to start?

Do you feel like there just isn’t enough time in the day?

Are you lacking community?

These are just a few questions to help prompt minds, but I want to know what are ways you wish you could be supported?

Feel free to comment on this post, or email me at


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