Self Care Saturday: Mindset

You. Are. Strong.
You. Are. Strong.
You. Are. Strong.

The other week I went to 8 am yoga Sunday morning after work. I always have the ambitious goal to go, but rarely end up doing it. That day I was grateful beyond words that I sucked it up and showed up. Throughout the class the teacher interjected with the statement “You are strong” and “You can do this”. I was exhausted. I had just worked 12 hrs 3 days in a row, and I was only halfway through. But her words got me through the class.

Liz encouraged us to notice, to be aware of how we approach each pose. She pointed out that how we approach poses, and things that challenge us in the hot room reflects how we approach our life. If we approach a challenging pose with confidence and the belief that we are strong and capable, we are much more likely to be successful than if we approach saying we aren’t capable.

Even just the simple act of taking notice of my thoughts in the hot room has helped my mindset in life. After class, I went home and went to bed. I then got up and went to work Sunday night. As I was driving into work I had this moment where I realized I wasn’t dreading going into work. I couldn’t remember the last time I didn’t dread going into work, at least a little bit. I told my boyfriend about this and he made fun of me because apparently every time after I go to yoga I say similar things, and every time I say it as a new experience.

The other morning I woke up feeling grumpy and achy and just overall kinda terrible. I didn’t sleep that great. I was up in plenty of time to make it to yoga so I got my butt outta bed, put on my yoga pants and headed to class. I sent my usual post yoga snap, and my boyfriend responded, you must have woke up in a good mood if you went to yoga. Which I then told him how I remembered what he said on Sunday so I just went knowing I would walk out feeling better. After 90 mins in the hot room, I walked out feeling like a different person.

The cool thing about yoga is the way the breath drives the practice. The breath is the foundation. I walked into the class reminding myself to breathe out the negative self-talk running through my mind, and to breathe in strength, compassion, love, understanding. Every time I wanted to say something negative about myself in the class I uttered the phrase “I am strong”.

This simple act transformed my practice and my life. I think it’s a learned art to believe in yourself. I’m not perfect by any means. I mean, 2 days later I was crying on the phone because I missed Alan and was frustrated with my emotions.

But there is still so much power in positive self-talk. There is so much power in your mindset. If I go into work saying I’m going to have a good night, it usually goes better than when I go in thinking it’s going to be a terrible night.

Take time this week to just notice and be aware of your thoughts. Are you always talking down to yourself? Are you beating yourself up? Constantly calling yourself a failure? Are you focused on your imperfections?


Do you notice your strengths? Do you recognize that you are perfectly imperfect, that your imperfections are what make you, you? How do you approach the things that challenge you?

Just notice. Don’t judge yourself. Just observe and notice how it is that you talk to yourself and what it is that you believe about yourself?


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