Change is Coming, Lessons Learned

I turned in my notice at my first “big girl job” last week, I accepted a job in Florida, and in about a month I will be moving to Jacksonville, FL to be with the man I love. I will be moving more than an hour from the small town I grew up in for the first time in my life. I quit my first full-time job. It’s a lot of big things, and every time I think about it I start to feel all the feelings. As I feel all these feelings I find myself reflecting on all the things I’ve learned in these 2 years in the “adult” world. Or rather, in the world where you’re not a full-time student, but rather a full-time employee. A world where you’re responsible for yourself, your bills, your chores, your home etc. I think the first few years out of college are pivotal years of growth. And I want to share some of the things I’ve learned

  • Never be afraid to ask questions. Never, ever, especially in a new job, be afraid to ask new questions. Most people are more than willing to help. Working night shift as a new nurse, and struggling with that nightlife, I found myself asking questions that I was 98% sure of the answer, but I would rather ask the question to be sure than not ask and make a mistake that could drastically impact a person’s health and wellbeing. But I think this applies outside of the workplace too. Struggling with a budget? Ask somebody to help you set up a budget. Want to make changes in your eating or exercise habits, but not sure where to start? Ask for help.


  • You are the only one who can make you happy. Seriously. I wish I had learned this 5 years ago. My life probably would have looked drastically different throughout my college years. Most of my life has been built around doing things to please people or because someone told me I should do it. Granted, my parents encouraged to participate in sports and when we outgrew soccer my brother and I joined cross country, and I happened to find a love for running that has carried me since I was in middle school. But there were a lot of committees and groups I was a part of through high school and college more so because someone told I should do them, not because I wanted to actually do them. I lived in a very anxious state throughout those years. It was not until I stepped back, exhausted at the end of nursing school, that I started to find peace. That was also the first time in my life I started doing simply because I wanted to, not because someone told me to or because I thought someone would be pleased with me if I did it.
  • Taking care of you is a priority. Your time to take care of yourself should be untouchable time. I don’t have a super crazy schedule, but I set aside days/times where it’s my day to do what I want/need. I usually have 1 day a week that is set aside for me to go to morning yoga, take myself on a brunch date afterward, and then enjoy my book or a tv show through the afternoon. I often spend my evening talking with my boyfriend and then finish the night with a bath, a glass of wine, and my book. I don’t have kids or pets. I’m not married, yet. I work hard, and my job is physically and mentally taxing. Setting aside time each week to refill my cup allows me to be a good nurse, a loving girlfriend, a generous friend, and a present daughter. If I don’t take the time each week to do the things that fill my cup I end up bitter, angry, irritable, snapping at people, and just an overall unpleasant person to be around.



  • Develop a morning routine. So my mornings occur at various times depending on my work schedule. However, I do the same thing each day when I wake up. That first hour or so after I wake up is my hour. I wake up and make my coffee. I come back up, turn on my diffuser, grab my journal and write. I set an intention for the day. I write down 5 things I am grateful for, 3 things I love about myself, and my goals. Then I have some sort of personal development/self-help type book that I read from each morning. After that, I do a workout (depending on the day) and then I carry on with whatever else I may have going on. If it’s a day I’m working then my time is a little more closely monitored, but if it’s a day I’m off I might spend a little more time with my journal or do a longer workout. But it wasn’t until I developed this morning routine where I did something little each day to fill up my cup that I really started to experience joy on a regular basis, that I started to really feel like myself, and that I really found myself thriving.



That’s really all I have for you guys today. These are some of my staples that allow me to be the woman I am. I’m sure there will be a lot more posts like this over the next month as I continue to prepare for my move and leave the place I’ve called home for the last 25 years.  It’s an exciting time, but a terrifying one at the same time.


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