Change For You

I’m realizing more and more that changes have to come from you.

067When my best friend got married the photographer took a couple portrait style photos of each of the bridesmaids. Such a cool idea. I remember being so excited about it and think I would print them off for my mom since my last professional pictures were my senior pictures. Then we got the pictures back from the wedding and I hated how I looked.

I hadn’t felt good in my body for a while, but at the same time was so relieved I was better. When I started healing from my migraine of 6 mos I was just so excited to have an appetite and be able to eat again. Mix appetite for the time in 6 mos with being on an antidepressant plus nursing school and you get about 50lb weight gain.

What really prompted me to start making changes was seeing those pictures. I didn’t look like me. I didn’t feel like me. I wanted to make a change.

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I started cooking more, meal planning more. I packed my lunch for clinical. I signed up for a half marathon and trained for that. Eventually, I made it through my last semester of nursing school and that was when I really started making changes. I cooked almost all my meals at home. I started running more consistently. It’s been a slow progression, but 2 years after graduating I look in the mirror and I feel confident. I look in the mirror and I am proud of the woman I have become.

But my story is just one. I want to share another story or two.

I’m going to start with my mom. I love my mom. She stayed home with us kids and was able to be there every time we were sick. She got us to and from sports practices and games and meets. She was always there. But as I got older I started to worry more and more about my mom. There is a part of me that always wonders if a phone call from my dad or brother is going to be the dreaded phone call. The one where my mom had a stroke or a heart attack. Because she honestly had every risk factor.

Through my college years and probably some high school even, we tried talking to her. At one point I wrote her a letter about how I wanted her to be around for my kids someday. I am so grateful that I still have 3 of my 4 grandparents living at 25 years old. I count that as a huge blessing. I want my parents to be around for my someday babies. I want them to be able to play with my kids.

I have always been concerned my mom would die before I even had kids. So I wrote my mom a letter, trying to express how much I cared about her and wanted her to be around. It wasn’t until she made the decision on her own that she was actually able to make changes.

In January of this year, my mom got another chronic medical condition diagnosis. Her doctor wanted to start her on medicine right away. My mom decided she was sick and tired of being sick and tired. She didn’t want to add yet another pill to her daily medications. She wanted to try lifestyle changes first.

After her diagnosis, she threw out all the process crap in her house. She changed the food she was eating, focusing on eating protein and produce. She joined a yoga studio and goes 2-3x a week. She made drastic diet and lifestyle changes because she wanted to. She decided she was ready. She decided enough was enough, and it was time to make a change. And I couldn’t be more proud.

Lastly, I have a coworker who has recently been sharing her health journey on social media. Sometimes I respond to her posts telling her I’m proud of her and I love seeing the changes. She responded telling me this is the first time she’s doing it for herself and it’s the biggest change she’s seen in herself when trying to make lifestyle changes.

It all comes down to you. Do you want to feel better? Have you decided enough is enough? Are you ready to make the changes you need to so you can be strong, healthy, and confident?

I could go on for days about this topic, so I’ll stop now.


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