Just Be Kind

I was struck the other day by how much kindness is needed in our world.

IMG_1491I was checking out at my local coffee shop. I go to this shop about once a week for coffee beans. A lot of the staff recognize me. It’s my “go to” place here in Columbus. I was just getting my usual restock of beans, casually running errands. As I’m checking out this woman walks up to the desk interrupting my transaction because she had spilled her beverage and needed assistance getting it cleaned up. This woman was obviously very frazzled and upset. She apologized to me profusely for interrupting.

What really struck me was how extensively this woman felt the need to apologize. It seemed as if she hadn’t received anyone responding with kindness in a long time.

The issue is we live in an i-world. We have technology always on our person, but I mean more so from a “I am important. The world revolves around me” type mindset. Someone interrupts me, it’s personal. This is the mindset we seem to have as a culture. We have lost respect for the other person. We forget that we’re all going through something. We all have rough days. We all have pain. The least we can do is show each other a little bit of kindness.

The thing is we are all worthy. Every person who walks on this earth has worth, dignity and value. The least we can do is recognize and honor the value we all have.

We can choose to continue to live in our I world, absorbed in our own problems. Or we can choose to have the courage to be kind. Kindness takes courage. It takes courage to recognize the world doesn’t revolve around you. It takes courage to think of the other, to think someone may be hurting more than you. It takes courage to show someone a little sliver of kindness.

But what if we all put in the extra effort to be kind? Imagine a world where we all show kindness to each other.

Just be kind friends, it could change the world.



featured photo source: https://www.redbubble.com/people/allthelove/works/27842743-have-courage-and-be-kind?p=poster


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