Change + Transformation

I think that as I go through growth I back away from blogging, and that as the growth comes closer to completion I am compelled to share. That, and Instagram is a great place to really share my snippets of inspiration. That being said - as the year is winding down I have been finding... Continue Reading →

Style Me Pretty: StitchFix

Alright, y'all might or might not know that I LOVE StitchFix. I tried StitchFix a little over a year ago. I wanted clothes that fit, were nice, and weren't leggings, t-shirts, and oversized sweatshirts. Can you say #basiccollegewardrobe? Mind you, I didn't realize how much my body would change over this last year, so it... Continue Reading →

May Challenge

Last week I was listening to Dr Mariza's podcast, you can find it on itunes. The episode I was listening to talked about the importance of routine. Over the last year-ish I've struggled to have a routine. I used to have a morning routine where I'd wake up make my coffee and sit down in... Continue Reading →

Daring Greatly: Debunking Myth #1

This week we’re going to breakdown some of the myths of vulnerability. We’re going to define vulnerability, weakness, and a few other terms. And we’ll cover 4 of the major myths when it comes to vulnerability. Myth #1: Vulnerability is Weakness Let’s start by defining what vulnerability is. The dictionary definition of vulnerability is “the... Continue Reading →

My Health and Oil Journey

About a year ago I started loosely looking into essential oils. I’d seen some stuff on facebook about doTERRA and some other oil brands, but I definitely wasn’t ready to make the plunge and drop money on something I was so unsure about. I ordered some kits off of amazon and a diffuser. I will... Continue Reading →

Order doTERRA

If you ended up at this page you know you’re interested in oils and want to get started! I am so excited for you to start this part of not only your health journey, but your life’s journey. When you buy oils through doTERRa you have a few options. You can simply shop and buy... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Welcome

Hello! And welcome to this new beginning for me! I've dabbled in blogging since I was a wee little high schooler. I am an external processor and my blogs were initially a place for me to share my thoughts, musings, and realizations. I decided to make a bigger commitment this year. My hope is for... Continue Reading →

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