Self Care Saturday: Mindset

You. Are. Strong. You. Are. Strong. You. Are. Strong. The other week I went to 8 am yoga Sunday morning after work. I always have the ambitious goal to go, but rarely end up doing it. That day I was grateful beyond words that I sucked it up and showed up. Throughout the class the... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Story: Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called What’s Your Story, and I didn’t say all I wanted to say. You can read it here. I think that I look at my migraines as “my story” because that was the most recent major transformation that I’ve been through and completed. I can look back to... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Story

What’s your story?   I have a love/hate relationship with this question. I love sharing my story, parts of my story at least. I struggle so much to know what to share and how much to share. After sharing my story I struggle to not beat myself up.   Yeah. Beat myself up. Because sometimes... Continue Reading →

Calling All Nurses

Recently I have found myself reflecting on why I started this blog and thinking about how I want to see this grow. I started all of this because I wanted and still want to see nurses supported. I want to see nurses who are taking care of themselves, living whole lives, and living a life... Continue Reading →

Daring Greatly: That’s A Wrap

I finally finished the book this week! It was kinda fun doing a book series blog post, and it was most definitely challenging. I’m really glad I did it, and I learned a lot from it. That being said, let’s get started on the last chapter. Wholehearted Parenting I’m not a parent, yet. I hope... Continue Reading →

Daring Greatly: Disruptive Engagement

I have found writing about this week's chapter more challenging than previous chapters. Usually when I'm reading it I have a way that I can relate and a story I want to share. And this chapter that didn't happen. I was struck by what Brown was saying about feedback. She talks about how our culture... Continue Reading →

Daring Greatly: Mind the Gap

I kinda loved this chapter because it was a nice break from some of the intense self-knowledge I’ve gained from the other chapters. This chapter sets us up for the next couple. I’ve mentioned before that I kinda live under a rock, especially when it comes to references, so I learned the history and popularity... Continue Reading →

Daring Greatly: Vulnerability Armor

This chapter immediately brought to mind the first deep conversation I had with my boyfriend. We talked almost every day for 14 mos before we decided to see if there was something more to our friendship. We live 500 miles apart. He works a Monday - Friday 7-5 schedule. I work 3 12 hr night... Continue Reading →

It’s May Day

That's a thing right? I keep seeing that all over facebook, and the same memes about how it's about to be May. I'm really bad at catching references of any kind. My boyfriend quotes movies and I get totally lost as to what he's referencing. Anyway! I'm really excited about a new month, new beginning.... Continue Reading →

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