Self Care Saturday: Cleaning

Alright, alright I know what you’re thinking, how in the heck is cleaning a part of self-care??? I talk all the time about honoring your body and taking care of your body. Your body is a temple, it is the place where your soul lives. It is what people see first when they meet you.... Continue Reading →

Self Care Saturday: More Than Oils

I often write about oils, ways I’m using my oils, favorite blends for oils, etc. A friend of mine who enrolled with doTERRA and had never used oils before expressed to me feelings of discouragement when it came to using oils because she felt they didn’t work for her in the way they work for... Continue Reading →

Self Care Saturday: Roller Ball Blends

Hello All, and welcome back to self-care Saturday. Sorry I failed to post last Saturday, that night shift life kills you sometimes (read: I'm human). Anywho, I thought this week we would do roller ball blends with essential oils as our self care post. I love incorporating oils into my care. I love the way... Continue Reading →

Self-Care Saturday: Diffuser Blends

Ahh my favorite post of the week! Self-care Saturday! This week I thought it would be great to share my favorite diffuser blends. I'm often scrolling pinterest, saving different blends and often I'll try those and tweak them, but I've also created some of my own diffused blends. Morning Blends: Peppermint + Citrus Citrus oil... Continue Reading →

My Health and Oil Journey

About a year ago I started loosely looking into essential oils. I’d seen some stuff on facebook about doTERRA and some other oil brands, but I definitely wasn’t ready to make the plunge and drop money on something I was so unsure about. I ordered some kits off of amazon and a diffuser. I will... Continue Reading →

Order doTERRA

If you ended up at this page you know you’re interested in oils and want to get started! I am so excited for you to start this part of not only your health journey, but your life’s journey. When you buy oils through doTERRa you have a few options. You can simply shop and buy... Continue Reading →

Self Care Saturday: Masks

I'm a big proponent of doing a self-care day. Having to working every other weekend myself care day isn't necessarily a Saturday. This week I had Monday night off in a stretch of working night shift so I stayed awake all night and decided to use that time to do a face and hair mask... Continue Reading →

Love Thy Self

The other night a coworker posted a picture on my facebook wall and it totally made my night. It made me feel known, and to me feeling known equates to feeling loved.   But there is a reason I’m such an advocate for self-care. In college I had a migraine for 6 months. After 2... Continue Reading →

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