Change + Transformation

I think that as I go through growth I back away from blogging, and that as the growth comes closer to completion I am compelled to share. That, and Instagram is a great place to really share my snippets of inspiration. That being said - as the year is winding down I have been finding... Continue Reading →

10 Tips Getting Started with Self Care

The other week a friend reached out to me asking “What pointers do you have for getting started with regular self-care?”. I gave her a few pointers and had a “duh” moment, realizing that’s a perfect topic for a blog post. Thanks to my friend for the idea! I’ve been practicing self-care on some level... Continue Reading →

Self Care Saturday: Mindset

You. Are. Strong. You. Are. Strong. You. Are. Strong. The other week I went to 8 am yoga Sunday morning after work. I always have the ambitious goal to go, but rarely end up doing it. That day I was grateful beyond words that I sucked it up and showed up. Throughout the class the... Continue Reading →

Self Care Saturday: Chew Your Food

The more I read, and the more I learn, the more it seems that a lot of our health problems start in the gut. Our gastrointestinal system does substantially more for our bodies than we realize. It is where food is digested but it is also where our nutrients are absorbed. It plays a role... Continue Reading →

Self Care Saturday: Spa Night

Each week I have a little spa night. I might take a bath more than once a week (disclaimer: I shower at least once a day), but there’s one bath in the week where I put in some goodies, do a face mask and conditioning hair mask. I have recipes where I’ve made my masks,... Continue Reading →

Calling All Nurses

Recently I have found myself reflecting on why I started this blog and thinking about how I want to see this grow. I started all of this because I wanted and still want to see nurses supported. I want to see nurses who are taking care of themselves, living whole lives, and living a life... Continue Reading →

Self Care Saturday: Cleaning

Alright, alright I know what you’re thinking, how in the heck is cleaning a part of self-care??? I talk all the time about honoring your body and taking care of your body. Your body is a temple, it is the place where your soul lives. It is what people see first when they meet you.... Continue Reading →

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